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187 KILLER PADS Recaps C1 Pink

Artikelnummer: 11.11.DPRC.08

Kategorie: Protektion

23,90 €

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Features: Lock-In? ReCap Created specifically for the Pro Knee and Pro Derby pads. The new advanced Lock-In? ReCap System closely contours the foam core and pad casing, greatly minimizing gaps between cap and pad. The new design sets a lower profile allowing for less bulk and optimum performance. Lock-In? ReCap System - A loop found on interior of the cap works with the strap on the front of the pad to securely hold and align cap in correct position. Side strips of velcro provide additional stick. 2 Different Size Caps - Lock-In? ReCaps and are available in two sizes, C-1 and C-2, to better match pad sizes lowering the pad's overall profile. (Click the size chart to determine proper cap sizing for your pads.)

Farbe: schwarz

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