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You have the right to return any purchased product within a 30 day period after delivery of your order.

For details check below:

In order to guarantee a swift handling of your return, please follow these easy steps:

1.Your return voucher can be downloaded from the following link:

RETURN VOUCHER ( available from 31st August)

Please print and fill out thoroughly, or your return will take considerably longer.

Also, we don’t save any bank data, so please remember to include your bank details.

For refunds to foreign countries we also require your IBAN & BIC numbers.

2. Products to be returned must be complete, mustn't have been used yet and must be sent back in their original packaging. Please use the cardboard box in which you got the order for your return so the original wrapping of the product does not get damaged.

3. Stick the UPS or DHL return shipping label ( provided by Email from us) on the cardboard box .

4. Let UPS or DHL know you have something for them to pick up

www.UPS.com or www.DHL.de

Handling of your return can take anything from 1 to 2 weeks.

Be assured that we are working as fast as we can to sort you out.


Revocation notice

You can revoke your contractual statement within one month without stating reasons in writing (e.g. letter, fax, email), or, when you got the merchandise before the expiration of the above time limit, by sending it back. The time limit starts with the receipt of this instruction in writing, but not before the merchandise has reached you as the receiver (in the case of reocurring deliveries of similar products not before you received the first partial delivery) and also not before the fulfillment of our duty to inform in accordance to § 312 c abs. 2 BGB i.v.m. §1, 2 und 4 BGB - infov, also not before the fulfillment of our duties in accordance to § 312 e Abs. 1 s.1 BGB i.v.m. §3 BGB info.

(German law BGB)

In order to not exceed the cancellation period the timely mailing of the revocation or the merchandise is sufficient. Address the revocation to:

Harbour Dist Limited
Lippmannstr. 57-59/ Hinterhof

22769 Hamburg / Germany

Fax: +49 (0)40 27 09 25 06
E-Mail: mail@ allyoucanskate.com

Consequences of revocation

In the case of an effective revocation the mutually received benefits are to be returned and if so derived profits are to be returned. In case you are unable to reimburse us either in total or partially for services received, you are required to offer a compensation of equal value. This does not apply, when the deterioration of the merchandise has been checked like it is possible in a shop. Has the merchandise been damaged through conventional usage, you do not have to pay compensation. Any merchandise eligible for shipping will be returned at our expense and risk. Merchandise not eligible for shipping will be picked up at yours. Duties for the compensation of payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. This time period begins for you with the posting of your rescission or the merchandise, for Allyoucanskate with the reception of it.

End of revocation notice

Outside Germany:

You can return your shipment within 30 days of delivery.

Make sure you frank your return package sufficiently. We reserve the right to deduct any missing postage from the amount refunded.

For foreign money transfers the customer is responsible for the bank charges.

For everything else, please read above.

Reimbursement / Refunds

In case no suitable alternative product is found, we will refund your money to your bank account within 7 Days.

We do not pay bank charges for reimbursements to foreign countries.

These charges are at your expense.

For a refund, we require your full bank details. Please remember to include these with your return.


Claims due to manufacturer’s defects need to be approved of by the manufacturer. Please understand that we have no influence on his decision.